May 29,2020

The Development Trend of New Energy Vehicles in the Automobile Industry and the Automation Solutions

The promotion of new energy vehicles in the automobile industry has achieved remarkable results in various countries. Under the international situation of energy conservation and emission reduction, many countries have introduced preferential subsidy policies for new energy vehicles, which has promoted the growth of new energy vehicle sales and makes it become the main growth power of the global automobile industry.

The continuous expansion of the global new energy automobile industry also marks the maturity and perfection of the automatic new production process in the automobile industry. Since the first automobile appeared in 1886, great changes have taken place in the production process of automobile. The development of automation makes the processing and production process of automobile faster, more efficient and more automatic.

New energy vehicle core parts electric bus controller assembly detection and packaging line generation.

The three electricity of new energy electric vehicle refers to: power battery, driving motor and electric control of the whole vehicle.
Three electricity is the core of new energy vehicles. In the development of power battery technology, new technologies and new hot spots appear from time to time. In the field of electronic control, our development has been in a relatively primary stage.

The improvement of electric control efficiency can significantly improve the whole vehicle economy of pure electric vehicles.

From January to November, the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in China increased by 63.6% and 68% year-on-year, respectively 1.054 million and 1.03 million, both exceeding 1 million. With the increasing demand in the new energy vehicle market, there is more and more demand for core parts. How to improve the output efficiency of core parts is another problem. Let's take a look at the assembly, inspection and packaging equipment of this core component electric bus controller.

New energy vehicles - assembly inspection and packaging of electric bus controller

A. After the introduction of the automatic production line in the automobile industry, the production beat reaches 360s / PCS, and the production capacity of the automatic production line is three times higher than that of the traditional manual production line.

B. MES management system: with MES manufacturing execution system, data can be monitored and visualized in the whole process to realize efficient remote management, timely abnormal alarm and accurate full information tracing;
The real-time cooperation between human, machine and warehouse makes the quality management efficient and reliable. One-click data export facilitates in-depth quantitative analysis.

C. Intelligent logistics trolley AGV: AGV / IGV intelligent transport trolley is used to realize the automatic supply and transportation of materials. Through MES management system, the precise docking from material warehouse to production line is realized, which greatly improves the equipment efficiency.

D. On line test: PQC complete machine test and power on voltage withstand test of the production line are all on-line full-automatic tests to realize automatic docking of 600A high current.

In addition, the production process of all kinds of parts in the automobile industry, such as the automatic assembly line of the ball head of the shift handle, the assembly equipment of the worm steering motor and the gearbox, and the automatic inspection station of the automobile scissor jack, has been fully automated.

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