May 23,2020

Laser Automation Solutions Boost New Energy Vehicle Production

In recent years, new energy vehicles, power batteries, automation equipment and other industries have made rapid development.

Subsequently, the manufacturing process and equipment of new energy vehicles have also changed a lot. Taking the pure electric new energy vehicle as an example, there is a new demand for the manufacture, technology and equipment of the power battery system.

For example, for power battery production, there are the following equipment requirements:
1. Vacuum planetary mixer: evenly stir all kinds of battery materials into slurry.
2. Electrode coater: evenly spread the stirred slurry on the foil.
3. Winding machine: winding the manufactured electrode into a battery.
4. Liquid injection machine: ensure that in the production of flowing water, the electrolyte vacuum is injected into the battery packaging materials with high precision;
5. Formation test equipment: the battery will be charged and activated, generate voltage, and test battery capacity at the same time. This series of production equipment will eventually form a power battery production line. There is no doubt that the rapid establishment of this set of automatic production line is inseparable from a large number of high-precision processed pipe profiles. As a result, the market demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment for pipe profiles is expanding, and the market for high-precision pipe profiles processing is also growing.

On the other hand, as the market competition intensifies, all walks of life are pursuing the ultimate user experience. Personalized design of products, and require each supplier to provide their own products with specific parts level services. The result of end-user demand personalization is that our customers get more and more order batches, smaller and smaller batches, and even receive a single order. In order to cope with the market changes, many enterprises began to upgrade the manufacturing system. Manufacturing flexibility, intelligence and fewer people have become the development direction of manufacturing industry. Facing the customized needs of customers, flexible intelligent production equipment is becoming the choice of more and more manufacturing enterprises.

As we all know, the automatic production line is the landmark product of the extensive application of automation technology in the manufacturing industry, which brings unprecedented productivity to the manufacturing industry. The most basic element of the automatic production line is the common large number of pipe profiles. Obviously, the automatic production line has brought unprecedented production efficiency, quality improvement and corresponding reduction of human, raw materials and other resources consumption to the manufacturing industry.

The new energy automobile manufacturing industry is experiencing technological upgrading, industrial transformation and manufacturing upgrading, and laser processing and manufacturing technology has been widely used in various fields of automobile manufacturing. As China's new energy vehicle industry enters the adjustment period, there will be a new round of high-speed development. During this period, technology upgrading and intelligent manufacturing become the key factors in the industrial development path.

Facing the increasingly fierce industry competition environment, in the key period of industry development, the use of advanced intelligent production equipment has become an important means for enterprises to gain competitive advantage. And it is in the leading position in the industry in shortening the product delivery cycle, simplifying the next process, improving the production and assembly mode, and providing production solutions for complex products. While bringing more competitiveness to customers, it also provides optimized solutions for the technological upgrading of new energy vehicle production supply chain.

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