It is inconvenient to provide technical data to the new project, could you arrange engineers to the scene to understand and communicate?
Usually, after the understanding of customer's basic information such as the present process, demand, etc., engineers will bring the questions to the scene to understand and communicate more effectively.
What is the cooperation process?
The customer puts forward the project technical requirements - Yiheda completes project design - both review the design proposal - sign the technical agreement - general project design, review, assembly, optimization - machine debugging, delivery - after-sales service.

If the 3D design proposal will be provided at the early stage of the project?

After our preliminary feasibility evaluation for your company, the 2D and 3D layout proposal will be provided.
Which customers did Yiheda cooperate with?
At present, we have established cooperation with many industry leaders and world 500 enterprises, mainly involving assembly automation, visual detection, robot applications, new energy and other fields.
How long is the delivery time of the machine?
According to the size of the project, the general manufacturing cycle is 3-4 months, and a large custom project will take at least six months.
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