May 26,2020

Understand the principle of industrial robot vision inspection

Visual Inspection is equivalent to applying a camera in industrial robots. How does industrial robots use industrial cameras to achieve visual inspection?

1. Industrial camera is a key component of machine vision system. Its most essential function is to transform optical signal into orderly electrical signal. Choosing the right camera is also an important part in the design of machine vision system. The choice of camera not only directly determines the image resolution and image quality, but also directly related to the operation mode of the whole system.

2. The basic function of lens is to realize beam transformation (modulation). In machine vision system, the main function of lens is to image the target on the photosensitive surface of image sensor. The quality of lens directly affects the overall performance of machine vision system. The reasonable selection and installation of lens is an important part of the design of machine vision system.

3. The core of machine vision system is image acquisition and processing. All the information comes from the image, and the quality of the image itself is very important to the whole vision system. Light source is an important factor that affects the image level of machine vision system, because it directly affects the quality of input data and 30% of the application effect at least.

4. Through appropriate lighting design, the target information and background information in the image can be separated optimally, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of segmentation and recognition of image processing algorithm, improve the positioning and measurement accuracy of the system, and improve the reliability and comprehensive performance of the system. On the contrary, if the light source is not designed properly, it will lead to failure in the effort in the design of image processing algorithm and imaging system. Therefore, the success or failure of light source and optical system design is the primary factor to determine the success or failure of the system.

5. Image acquisition card is the interface of image acquisition part and image processing part. The process of converting an image into a digital image after sampling and quantization, and inputting and storing it into frame memory is called acquisition. The image acquisition card also provides the function of digital I / O.

6. The commonly used software of vision inspection includes Ni vision, Halcon, visionpro, opencv, MATLAB, etc., which are selected according to their own development needs.

Understand the principle of industrial robot to realize visual inspection enables us know its value better and use its complex algorithm to produce for our industry. It can be said that robot visual inspection system promotes the development process of industrial network automation.

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